Womens Housing, offering support with prams, strollers and baby wraps

The YWHP is a voluntary agency and registered charity, which provides safe accommodation and support to homeless young women who are vulnerable to or are survivors of sexual abuse. We aim to provide a variety of consistent opportunities for the young women to build a positive belief in themselves, others and their futures. 

The service is available to women who are 16-25 years old, young women who are pregnant and young women with children. Long-term provision enables trusting, supportive relationships to be built, enabling the holistic nurturing that so many survivors have missed out on, to take place. The stability of sustained, tailored care and support in a safe and therapeutic environment provides opportunities for breaking the cycle of abuse, poverty and homelessness that many vulnerable young women find themselves in.

We offer support on an individual basis, according to specific needs. The project aims to create a safe environment in which young women have the opportunity to work through and resolve issues from the past, alongside the opportunity to develop practical skills which will enable her to move successfully on in to independent living. Each young woman is allocated a key worker who will work closely with her throughout her stay at the project and beyond. Together a careplan is drawn up and followed, covering a variety of areas including: life skills, social contact, education and employment, emotional and health issues and therapeutic support.

We are offering support to young mums buy offering prams and strollers from https://babyjoggerstrollers.com.au/meet-our-families/ and baby wraps and carriers from https://theamazingbabycompany.com.au/collections/moby-baby-carriers-wraps-sling

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