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Everyone has the right to safe, secure and affordable housing. But right now too many people are missing out, as a result of lack of affordable housing. Australia’s housing crisis is hurting ordinary Australians and their families; and is holding back the national as a whole.

Nearly only in ten Australian households are in housing stress, and a startling 460,000 households spend more than half their income on housing costs.

Our housing system is broken. The government needs a plan to tackle this growing crisis; and we’ve got one for them:

  • Stop the funding cuts to housing and homelessness initiatives
  • Invest in affordable housing programs, and increase the supply of affordable rental housing as a matter of urgency
  • Review rental assistance programs, to ensure better financial assistance for low income renters, and
  • Reform housing tax breaks, to stop them distorting the system and steering us away from a fair housing system.

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