Housing put off for golf courses in Melbourne.

A majority of the top golf courses in Australia are now affiliated with Tee Off Australia. If you are tired of playing golf at the same golf course every round, then this golf membership is for you. Tee Off Australia’s golf membership allows its members access to over 80 of the top golf courses Australia has to offer.  The top golf courses from all over the country have associated themselves with Tee Off Australia and truely have made the ultimate golf membership.

Never before have golf memberships allowed golfers to play at such a variety of  the top golf courses. And for such a great price. Tee off Australia golf memberships are cheaper than the regular membership, costing you only $795 per year.

TeeOff Australia golf memberships bring you the very best selection of golf courses to choose from. With 5 of the top ten ranked golf courses in Australia and 13 of the top twenty golf courses; no other golf membership can offer you access to more of the top golf courses than the Tee Off Australia golf membership.

Our golf courses page allows you to review the top golf courses throughout Australia and gives you information about the courses including a golf course review, dress code regulations and a weather indicator for each course.

Golf Membership With Access To Top Golf Courses

Some of the top golf courses worth mentioning include Joondalup, Kennedy Bay, and the Dunes in Western Australia, as well as Pacific Harbour, Emerald Lakes, and the Glades in Queensland.  With 28 of the 50 top golf courses in Australia associated with this golf membership, no other membership can match the experience Tee Off Australia offers its golfers. Whether you want to play golf in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, or anywhere else; Tee Off members can get you on the top golf courses and play a round of golf free of charge.

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