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Jun 14, 2012

New report shows housing shortages, and affordability, worsen

Figures released today by the National Housing Supply Council show that Australia’s housing crisis continues despite steadying house prices. Continue reading »

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Jun 12, 2012

NSW a mixed bag for housing affordability

Today’s Budget by the New South Wales Government takes two steps forward and one step back on housing affordability said Australians for Affordable Housing today. Continue reading »

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May 29, 2012

Territory under housing stress: new research reveals NT’s most stressed locations

Australians for Affordable Housing (AAH) is calling on Territorians to join the campaign for more affordable housing as it launches in Darwin today, with research revealing that almost 3,700 renters and home purchasers in the city struggle with high housing costs. Continue reading »

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May 8, 2012

No ‘fair go’ for housing in Budget

Tonight’s budget is full of disappointment for households struggling to get into the housing market and those trying to keep a roof over their heads said Australians for Affordable Housing.

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May 8, 2012

Battler’s Budget? Not so far!

Treasurer Wayne Swan has dubbed tonight’s Federal Budget a ‘battler’s budget, but without measures to address housing costs, Australians for Affordable Housing say the Budget will fail those struggling with the single biggest household expense.

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Mar 21, 2012

Last chance for Queensland Election candidates to act on housing

Tens of thousands of Queenslanders will be the real losers this weekend if election candidates do not make housing affordability a priority and commit to funding affordable rental housing, Australians for Affordable Housing has warned.

AAH Campaign Manager Sarah Toohey said housing affordability was a serious issue facing Queenslanders with over 180,000 households in housing stress – a term used to describe low income households who spend over 30 per cent of their budget on housing costs.

“Housing stress is a major concern for Queenslanders in metropolitan, regional and rural areas. There are over 55,000 households in Brisbane council alone in housing stress, with 34,000 those in rental stress.

“Households in Gympie, Fraser Coast, Gold Coast and Logan are suffering the most with 19 per cent experiencing housing stress, while Fraser Coast has the highest proportion of people under rental stress (46%).

“With the election fast approaching, we urge the candidates to commit to investing in affordable housing and in turn, take steps to relieve tens of thousands of Queenslanders from housing stress.

“The lack of housing policy coming from candidates demonstrates a real lack of understanding on their part of the real issues facing Queenslanders.

“The Queensland Election is an ideal time for candidates to make an immediate commitment to the creation of affordable housing. Policies that increase the supply of affordable housing, like building more public and community housing must be a priority.

“We urge all Queenslanders concerned about housing affordability to join the Housing Stressed campaign and put pressure on Governments to work together to address the housing crisis,” Ms Toohey said.

Australians for Affordable Housing is a coalition of national housing, welfare and community sector organisations working  to highlight the problem of housing affordability in Australia. For more information visit

Spokesperson: Sarah Toohey, 0427 563 989/ Media enquiries: Stephanie De Campo, 0432 828 004

Follow AAH on Facebook and Twitter: @housingstressed

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Jan 27, 2012

AAH discusses sydney housing stress on radio 2UE

AAH Campaign Manager, Sarah Toohey spoke with 2UE’s David Oldfield last week about whether there is a housing affordability crisis in Sydney.

Click here to hear the interview in full.

You can share your experiences with housing stress in our comments section below.

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Jan 23, 2012

Australia’s housing remains more unaffordable than UK, USA

As economists tell the Australian Government to ready for another round of economic stimulus, Australians for Affordable Housing (AAH) has called on State and Federal Governments to make creating more affordable housing a national priority, following the release of the annual Demographia International Housing Affordability survey of 325 housing markets.

The survey classified Australia as having no affordable markets in 2011, with the majority of those markets classified as ‘severely unaffordable’.

AAH Campaign Manager Sarah Toohey said housing was the biggest cost of living issue in Australia and this report was further evidence of the need for proactive Government action on this issue.

“Australia has the worst housing affordability of any national market outside of Hong Kong which is a terrible indictment and shows just how serious this problem is.

“The survey classified Melbourne and Sydney as ‘severely unaffordable’, with the cities median price 8.4 times and 9.2 times the median income respectively.

“Although Australia’s national unaffordability ratio reduced from 6.1 times in 2011 to 5.6 times this year reflecting a slight fall in house prices, we must not ignore the fact that this still leaves Australia’s housing as ‘severely unaffordable’.

“This makes it the right time for Governments to prioritise spending on affordable housing, and prepare a stimulus plan focussed on social housing, in anticipation of further economic problems in Europe.

“Social housing spending was the unheralded success story of the last stimulus package.  It didn’t just keep builders employed but delivered massive social benefits to some of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

“By contrast the boost to the first home owners grant simply supported house prices at record levels delivering a boost to those vendors who sold rather than providing benefits to renters seeking to get into the market,” Ms Toohey said.

Australians for Affordable Housing is a coalition of national housing, welfare and community sector organisations to highlight the problem of housing affordability in Australia.

Spokesperson: Sarah Toohey, 0402 677 566
Media enquiries: Stephanie De Campo, 0432 828 004

Follow AAH on Facebook and Twitter: @housingstressed

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Dec 21, 2011

New report confirms why creating more affordable housing must be a national priority in 2012

Australians for Affordable Housing (AAH) today called for the Commonwealth Government and new Housing Minister Robert McClelland to make creating more affordable housing a major priority for 2012 in the light of the National Housing Supply Council’s third State of Supply report.

“For the third year in a row this report shows an unacceptable shortfall in the supply of housing in Australia. Behind every shortfall outlined in this report are people and families that will spend Christmas in unaffordable or overcrowded housing or languishing on a public housing waiting list” said AAH Campaign Manager Sarah Toohey.

“Despite what many commentators call an ‘easing’ in housing affordability, the State of Supply report highlights that underlying demand is still strong, and indeed that high housing costs may actually be contributing to lower demand in the housing market as potential buyers are locked out”.

The report outlines a cumulative shortage of 187,000 dwellings across Australia. This is contributing to high rates of housing stress with more than 20% of Australia’s renters and more than 10% of all households in housing stress”.

“Creating the National Housing Supply Council is one of the many achievements of this Government, but if the housing supply challenge outlined in this report does not result in Government action, including funding for new affordable housing, then we will continue to see high rates of housing stress and a generation locked out of home ownership. This is simply unacceptable”.

“A new Cabinet level Minister for Housing and Homelessness provides the Government with the perfect opportunity to have a renewed commitment to delivering the long term boost to affordable housing supply that is so clearly required”.

“Australia has a structural problem in the housing market and only a comprehensive plan that includes extra affordable housing supply, taxation reform, increases to and reform of Commonwealth Rent Assistance and better and more targeted support to first home buyers will deliver the affordable housing solutions that low and middle income Australians need”.

Australians for Affordable Housing is a coalition of national housing, welfare and community sector organisations to highlight the problem of housing affordability in Australia. For more information visit

Media enquiries: Stephanie De Campo, 0432 828 004

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Dec 13, 2011

Housing stress in regional WA revealed

The extent of housing stress across regional Western Australia has today been revealed by Australians for Affordable Housing (AAH).

Denmark is the hardest hit, with 20 per cent of households experiencing housing stress, Sarah Toohey, AAH Campaign Manager announced today.

“Renters are doing it even tougher than those with a mortgage. More than 40 per cent of renters in Narrogin, Toodyay and Denmark are experiencing housing stress,” Ms Toohey said.

“The problem isn’t unique to these areas, with Quairading, Nannup, Boyup Brook, Pingelly, Mount Marshall and Mukinbudin also facing significant mortgage stress. This highlights that it’s not just the high housing prices in mining communities that we need to worry about but levels of housing stress across the State.

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