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Mar 12, 2015

Time to look at real solutions to Australia’s housing affordability crisis – ACOSS

Speaking at an affordable housing forum, ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie called on Federal, State and local Governments to step up to the challenge of improving housing affordability in Australia, warning that we risk sentencing young people and those on low incomes to a life of insecure renting, or worse, if we fail to act now.

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  • Melina Leonello

    Hi there, I am currently running a campaign called Bust the Housing Bubble. My campaign is about tackling the current housing crisis in Australia by informing individuals about the current housing climate in Australia, as well as providing them with ways to cope with the instability of the bubble bursting. The main social concern is no matter how hard they work, the prices of properties are increasing at a higher rate than their salaries, making it much harder for them to save. Twenty to thirty years ago, individuals were able to enter into the property market on salaries that were a lot lower than the average salary of 2017. Their dream of owning a piece of land or family home was the reality. Today, the reality of owning a property, whether it is a first home or investment, is a dream. I would greatly appreciate it if I could gain your support in my campaign.


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