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Sep 2, 2013

WSHC receives reponses to housing questions

In August this year the Western Sydney Housing Coalition wrote to candidates in Western Sydney seats for the 2013 Federal election to ask their positions on housing affordability. They have asked me to post the responses here. Each can be downloaded below.

Please note: This was not an activity of Australians for Affordable Housing and posting is not necessarily an endorsement of the content, but we are cross posting here in support of a group that we think are doing great work for the people of Western Sydney.


The Western Sydney Housing Coalition is a group of community groups who have been working on local housing issues, including hosting forums to address the issues and seek solutions to housing needs. In November 2012, we held a forum on affordable housing, from which we produced an issues paper, which we submitted to the NSW State Government white paper on planning. This campaign is the next step, in producing workable solutions to this critical issue.

WSHC Questions for candidates 2013

Coalition Response 2013 – Western Sydney Housing Coalition

The Greens Party response 2013 – Western Sydney Housing Coalition

ALP response 2013 – Western Sydney Housing Coalition

WSHC Media Release 300813 Housing statements

  • KristianM

    I find both the Coalition and ALP responses insulting. Typical political response. Most offensive is the ALP response that because interest rates are low housing affordability has increased. What will be their response when the economy recovers and interest rates increase. Oh, they won’t be in Government then!

  • Chat2chuck97

    Its all well and good building more state housing but what they neglect to tell you is with the new newstart scheme forced on single parents, the have to work more hours if they can to make up for the money taken from them. This puts them outside the bracket and are no longer eligible for state housing.

    The whole system is a joke.

    They should build housing that single parents on the pension/newstart allowance that are working part time can buy. When their children turn 18 the mortgage rate risen as they should be able to work full time by then.

    Help us to help ourselves. To know that your rent isn’t going to go up every 6 months because they know they have us over a barrel is a good incentive to in vest in your own home.

  • nick

    What a joke all the responses by the parties are farcical at best. Whilst it’s great that the development of new housing seems to be a focus. The fact is this is NOT the major issue in Australia. The major issue is to do with housing being treated as the same as shares. Housing is NOT an investment. Housing is a NECESSITY. All tax breaks including Negative Gearing should be removed and the capital gains discounts should be abolished. This is what has severely inflated pricing, not the lack of housing. Investors are sitting on even empty houses waiting for prices to increase whilst people are homeless. It’s an utter farce.

  • cbate

    the system is beyond a joke, just like the people answering those questions, i’ve spent years now struggling to save a tiny deposit which isn’t even going to cover half the deposit i need so i officially give up on the idea of buying a property , after looking at and following all the sites just like this i’m getting the feeling we’re going about forcing government action by the time i have commented on this a grand total 3 other people have as well, either housing unaffordability isn’t as bigger issue as we think it is or too many people have given up. issues like this should be somewhat viral all over facebook , in any other country we’d be protesting and rioting in the streets until they gave in


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