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Aug 5, 2013

Affordable housing advocates focussed on Federal election campaign

Affordable housing advocates have welcomed the start of the Federal election campaign and the new onus on the major parties to respond to the housing crisis, which recently polled as the number one issue amongst voters.

‘The major parties can no longer hide from the housing crisis, which a recent Auspoll found to be the number one issue amongst voters’ said Joel Pringle, Campaign Manager for Australians for Affordable Housing.

‘The start of the election campaign has coincided with Homeless Persons Week, a reminder of what happens for many families when there is a shortage of affordable housing properties.’

‘This is becoming an issue for people across the country and for many workers too. We’re hearing from a lot of people that high rents and an inability to get into the housing market are their major concerns.’

‘The first Rudd government demonstrated initiative and innovation around affordable housing, unfortunately that seems to have lapsed. There is currently no funding tied to the construction of new social housing, encouragement for new private construction is limited and a lack of commitment to the National Rental Affordability Scheme beyond the fifth and final round is evident from both major parties.’

‘There’s been little news from the Coalition, with Tony Abbott recently trying to pass on responsibility for housing to other levels of Government.’

‘Housing is a national issue and the Commonwealth government spends vast sums of money on housing, for example $5 billion each year on negative gearing.’

‘Australians for Affordable Housing is calling on the major parties to commit to funding for new affordable housing, to review the impacts of negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount, and to better co-ordinate across housing and infrastructure planning.’

Australians for Affordable Housing is a coalition of national housing, welfare and community sector organisations working together to highlight the problem of housing affordability in Australia. For more information visit

For enquiries, case studies and interviews contact Joel Pringle, 0427 563 989

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  • Peter Henry

    Its not so much a shortage of housing as a “longage’ of people. Australia’s population growth of over 1000 per day puts huge stress on housing supply. A Stable population will relieve overstretched infrastructure and east cost of living pressure, including housing, energy, water and transport while protecting our environment from over-development and urban sprawl.

    Time to thin better and not bigger and vote 1 Stable Population Party for housing affordability.

    • Simone McInnes

      I disagree Peter. Our social housing stock has been progressively sold off and not renewed at the required rate. There are options to make the delivery of emergency and affordable accommodation quicker and cheaper to deliver so we can have more homes, quicker and for the same money. I prefer that approach over Xenophobia any day.

  • Nissa

    Amanda Ri

  • Nissa

    Amanda Rishworth MP have been looking over my preventional program In Adelaide South. Her office also helps out with Housing SA tenants and they make sure Housing SA are doing the right thing

  • mindy

    well why cant the government own the land for example . we but the house the house is yours for life to livein . thers got to be a solving problem . for people like us who rent . like your in a rental property for five years then they tell you you have to move out because the owner relations want to move in and it never happens . you stress over getting a new bond . please rudd theres . got to be a solution to this matter ., everyone should have a place to call home not just the ritch and weres the jobs for the single parents for them to work . you coverment people should live like us aussies for a month and see how life is . espically when half your wage goes on rent. wake up kevin rudd help people like us we can afford 370 or more a week rent why not to buya house. think about it.


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