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May 7, 2013

Final allocation of NRAS incentives announced, no plans for the future

Affordable housing campaigners are dismayed by the end of the National Rental Affordability Scheme, with no commitment to its future.

“The final round of funding, announced today, will provide much needed low-rent housing. Australia has a critical shortage of low-rent properties.” said Joel Pringle, Campaign Manager for Australians for Affordable Housing.

“What was missing from Minister Butler’s announcement was a future for the program. Have we seen the final commitment to new affordable housing from this Government?”

“The National Rental Affordability Scheme is on track to deliver 40,000 new homes available to low-income people at below market rents, along with the additional 10,000 announced today. The program has been oversubscribed by investors and renters. It’s been a huge success story for this Government, providing new homes for pensioners, people with a disability, low-income workers and a high number of sole parents.”

“The Minister has said today that he’s aware of the concern that many Australians have about housing affordability. NRAS has been incredibly successful at delivering low rent properties, and the Government is aware of the housing crisis. So why do they refuse to commit to a future for NRAS?”

“Today the Minister announced the fifth of five rounds. After this round, that’s it. The Social Housing Initiative has closed, and after last of the NRAS program, there is no more funding tied to the delivery of new affordable housing.”

“Is the Government committed to a future for affordable housing? Or is NRAS to be abandoned?”

“We’ll be looking for an announcement about the future of NRAS in the budget next week. We’re hopeful that certainty will be provided to industry and to renters that the scheme will continue to be funded.”

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  • Concerned about the future

    I remain uncomfortable at news that “salary packaging” has been introduced amongst investors, to get higher paid workers in to NRAS packages in WA (I don’t know about elsewhere?) I am so disappointed to hear this. Apparently it is enabled when an employer is convinced to buy a property, and then salary packages an employee in to the property. I wonder how many other changes to the original theme are out there?


    Stay informed