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Mar 7, 2013

Government living on yesterday’s promises, says affordable housing group

On Wednesday 6 March, the Federal Minister for Housing and Homelessness, the Hon Mark Butler, launched the new Evolve Housing facility in Parramatta. In doing so, the Minister demonstrated the Government’s lack of commitment to address the housing crisis in coming years.

‘The Government needs to stop trumpeting old programs and spent money. The people of Western Sydney deserve to hear what Labor would offer if given another term of governing. There seems to be no plan for the future.’ said Joel Pringle, Campaign Manager for Australians for Affordable Housing.

‘Minister Butler yesterday opened a first-class new training centre for Evolve Housing, but the truth is that without continued funding, Labor has no plan to address housing stress in coming years. The opening of projects like the Evolve Housing facility will be a distant memory.’

‘By the time of the election, the Housing Affordability Fund will have run out. After the announcement of the fifth round of the National Rental Affordability Scheme, the cupboard will be bare. And the Social Housing Initiative is already done, dusted, the evaluation released last year.’

‘They’re yesterday’s plans. So what about tomorrow?’

The National Rental Affordability Scheme for example, has been a great success. There needs to be a commitment to an additional 50,000 incentives. But, as yet, not a word.”

‘Housing is the biggest expense for most families. Average rents went up 32% over five years to 2012. For a family paying $300 a week in 2007, that’s an extra $100 a week. No other cost has risen by as much.’

‘The truth is that none of the parties have plans to address the housing crisis that is gripping this country. No-one has yet given a commitment to addressing the housing crisis in coming years.‘

‘With rents sky-rocketing, building starts in the doldrums and potential first home buyers priced out of the market, we’re in an election year and the politicians have said nothing. If they talk about cost-of-living but neglect housing, then they are out of touch. People are really feeling the pressure, it’s time we heard some plans for the future.’

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