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Apr 30, 2012

Rental snapshot shows households locked out

New research showing that high rents are locking low income households out of Australia’s capital cities has Australians for Affordable Housing calling for an urgent increase in the rate of Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

Anglicare Australia’s Rental Affordability Snapshot surveyed the number of rental properties on the market that were affordable to people on income support payments and the minimum wage with shocking results.

“Anglicare’s Rental Affordability Snapshot shows that not one rental in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin or Adelaide was affordable to a single person receiving Newstart, Youth Allowance or Austudy,” said Australians for Affordable Housing Campaign Manager Sarah Toohey.

“Couples and singles receiving the Aged or Disability Pensions will also struggle to find an affordable rental in any  of these capital cities, where the number of affordable rental properties ranges from zero to two per cent.”

“Across the country one in five renters are in housing stress. Because of high housing costs, tenants will struggle to pay the bills, buy clothes and food, pay for transport, or any school costs for their kids.”

“These households urgently need an increase in the rate of Commonwealth Rent Assistance in the upcoming Federal Budget, to help their household budget.”

“The rental market is so dysfunctional that even working households can’t find anything affordable. Anglicare’s Snapshot shows that less than one per cent of rentals in Sydney, and two per cent in Melbourne, were affordable and appropriate for single parents earning the minimum wage.”

“Right across the country our housing system is failing. Australians for Affordable Housing is calling for an immediate increase to Commonwealth Rent Assistance as a down payment on a National Housing Plan, to make sure everyone can afford to keep a roof over their head”

Australians for Affordable Housing is a coalition of national housing, welfare and community sector organisations working to highlight the problem of housing affordability in Australia. For more information visit

Media contact :  Sarah Toohey, 0427 563 989.  Follow AAH on Facebook  at and Twitter: @housingstressed

  • Chapman

    Three blocs are about to become two, with the new party [see the papers].

    First mover captures mostly.

    You need to compete, or lock in the last 2 and deliver same via a deal with the new guy,

    What can seem as destiny, and absolutely going to be here forever,
    can be gone in the blink of an eye in politics.


    Stay informed