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Mar 28, 2012

New Report Rings Alarm Bells on Housing Affordability

Australians for Affordable Housing today welcomed the launch of the Property Council’s  Make my city work campaign today, saying that the Property Council’s nationwide My City: The People’s Verdict report is further evidence of the need for State and Federal Governments to immediately act to improve housing affordability.

The survey of over 5,200 Australians asked respondents to judge their cities performance in 17 areas, including housing affordability.

AAH Campaign Manager, Sarah Toohey said the report’s results were a wakeup call to State and Federal Governments who have to date, failed to fix this worsening crisis.

“The Property Council’s research shows that nation wide, over 65 per cent of respondents believe that their city doesn’t have a good range of quality affordable housing.

“When asked a series of 17 questions on liveability, respondents ranked ‘there is a good range of quality affordable housing’ as the lowest, with just over one third of respondents agreeing to the statement.

“The situation is dire across the country, but particularly in Darwin, Sydney and Canberra where more than three quarters of respondents think that their city doesn’t have a good range of quality affordable housing and the fact is, they’re right. These are 3 of Australia’s most expensive places to buy or rent.

“Housing affordability will not improve unless there is serious Government action. We need a National Housing Plan that includes all levels of government, and everything they can throw at it.

“In this Budget the Federal Government can start by establishing an Affordable Housing Growth Fund, with an annual allocation of $2.5 billion a year to provide 100,000 affordable homes over five years.

“Every day Australians hear about the lack of affordable housing. The Government needs to get started on a solution,” Ms Toohey said.

Australians for Affordable Housing is a coalition of national housing, welfare and community sector organisations working to highlight the problem of housing affordability in Australia. For more information visit

Spokesperson: Sarah Toohey, 0427 563 989 Media enquiries: Stephanie De Campo, 0432 828 004 Follow AAH on Facebook and Twitter: @housingstressed


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