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Nov 7, 2011

Seriously housing stressed in SA: the most stressed Adelaide suburbs revealed

Australians for Affordable Housing is urging South Australians to campaign for more affordable housing as it launches new data on where housing stress is hitting Adelaide the hardest.

New research commissioned by the campaign shows the suburbs where both renters and home purchasers struggle with high housing costs.The problem of housing stress is significant and is impacting renters much more than those with mortgages.

Almost half of all people renting in Playford are paying more than 30% of their income in rent while over 20% are in housing stress with a mortgage.  These are among the worst figures nationally and show how the lack of rental housing is causing significant financial pressure.

The Australians for Affordable Housing local council league table shows that right across the city there are households where housing costs are putting pressure on every other area of essential spending.

At the top of the table there are areas that we know are struggling, like Playford, Port Adelaide Enfield, and Salisbury, but many households in central Adelaide too are facing housing costs that eat up far too much of their weekly pay and eat into the other essentials of life.

All levels of Government need to work together to improve housing affordability in Adelaide.

The Government’s Housing Plan has delivered affordable housing, and hopefully the Housing Strategy Green Paper will set the stage for more, but South Australia can’t fix the housing system alone.  It will take collective action at all levels of government to ensure that we fix our broken housing system.

Housing stress – Australians for Affordable Housing local council league table*

*This league table provides for comparison of small local areas and is based on modelled census numbers. These are not directly comparable with recently published housing stress modelling on ABS Survey of Income and Housing data.

To download a copy of the full media release click here


  • I’ll be talking about this campaign in the South Australian Parliament this afternoon. Mark Parnell MLC, Parliamentary leader, Australian Greens (SA)

  • Tabithamelville

    you know what i have been waiting four years on priority one list for a bigger house for me and my kids. being squished into a three bedroom trust house is hard enough but housing sa says it has not many 4 bedroom houses and most of them go to families with 6 to 8 kids. not happy can the government please look at building more trust homes and a few bigger ones would be nice to


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