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Nov 7, 2011

Seriously Housing Stressed in SA: The most stressed Regional towns revealed

Housing stress is not just an inner city problem, but extends to regional towns, where increasing numbers of South Australians are experiencing housing stress.

New research commissioned by AAH shows just where renters and home buyers struggle with high housing costs.

Alexandria, Yankalilla, Murray Bridge and Port Lincoln are the regional areas under the highest levels of housing stress with around 16 per cent of households on a low income and paying high housing costs.

Housing stress is significant, extending beyond the city into regional towns, and is a problem for both renters and those with mortgages.

The lowest levels of housing stress are in towns with higher income earning capacity – mining towns like Roxby Downs, but we know that housing shortages in these areas mean that even high income earners are struggling to find decent housing.

We need measures that will add to housing supply in lower-stress level areas, and take the pressure off households who are struggling with housing stress the most.

The problem of housing stress is widespread across South Australia, affecting regional and capital cities alike.

The Government’s Housing Plan has delivered affordable housing, and hopefully the Housing Strategy Green Paper will set the stage for more, but South Australia can’t fix the housing system alone.  It will take collective action at all levels of government to ensure that we fix our broken housing system.

Housing stress – Australians for Affordable Housing local council league table*

*For full table results please download the media release

  • anthony

    I have lived as a trust client ans for the last 25 years as a private owner and the stress that SA housing clients have put on me and my family has been criminal and has gotten so bad that SA housing find it hard to get their own client to move into the street . We would love to sell but the stress that SA housing client put out make it imposable to sell. So I find it hard to feel sad for most of the people who would be a SA client . Stressed private owner from naracoorte


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