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Oct 27, 2011

After the stimulus, affordable housing will decline

In the decade from 2001 to 2010 Australia grew by over 1 million households, but lost 5,308 social housing properties.

This is contributing to housing stress in the rental market, where one in four renters are in housing stress.

While the Federal Government’s Nation Building Stimulus gave a much-needed boost to social housing, this funding is set to run out next year. 

The Nation Building Stimulus Package added 19,300 new homes which were sorely needed, but that funding is set to run out next year despite the fact that there remain 173,000 on the waiting list for social housing.

The projected spending levels in the 2012-13 financial year are $51 million less in real terms than what was allocated to social housing in 2000-01 financial year. That’s not enough to maintain, let alone grow the system.


Decline in social housing as a percentage of all housing in the last ten years

The future of affordable housing is dependant on ongoing commitment by governments at all levels to fund and support social housing.

We are at the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute conference in Melbourne today where we will be discussing the need for housing reform.

State and territory governments aren’t off the hook. We need to see them investing in affordable housing solutions as well. The Victorian government hasn’t allocated any new spending to public and community housing whilst in office.

We need national reforms to ensure that we can grow affordable rental housing to meet the need.

Social Housing Numbers

We are calling for a National Housing Minister and a National Housing Plan to drive the vital reforms needed to solve the housing crisis.

Sarah Toohey, Campaign Manager

Australians for Affordable Housing

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