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Oct 12, 2011

A National Housing plan and a Federal Minister

In order to really address the lack of affordable housing in this country, we need a National Housing plan and a Federal Housing Minister to ensure a more balanced approach to affordable housing.

It is concerning when local councils are able to block affordable housing planning approvals because they are ‘too small’.

The problem is that vetoing the development of smaller houses sends our cities sprawling and forces people to move further out from amenities like schools, hospitals and public transport.

At a time when more than one in ten Australians is in housing stress, having developers and councils squabbling over whether a three bedroom property is too small is just ridiculous.

Even though it is below the median price, a $313,000 three bedroom house can hardly be called cheap, especially for households with a single income, and won’t solve housing affordability problems for the majority of Australians.

Unless we have a clear National Housing Plan, under which all levels of government work together to fix the housing system, the shortage of affordable housing will continue to worsen.

Without leadership, from a National Housing Minister, we’ll continue to have councils and state governments pulling in different directions.

Federal, State and Local governments must work together to implement a range of measures that address the housing crisis.

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