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Sep 28, 2011

Expert panel to reform our social housing system – a good first step towards affordable housing

Today we have welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of an expert panel to advise on improving the social housing system.

This is a very positive step towards delivering a housing system that works for everyone and we look forward to the expert panel coming up with solutions to get more people in to affordable housing.

While social housing provides affordable accommodation for some 410,000 households there are another 173,000 Australians on public housing waiting lists. For these households government action to improve the social housing system cannot come soon enough.

The Government’s investment in public and community housing during the Global Financial Crisis was a fantastic boost to the social housing sector, delivering 21,000 homes; but investment needs to be ongoing, and  governments at all levels will need to work together to help deliver social housing reforms.

Social housing is a critical but neglected part of our housing system and we need to see significant investment in this area.

However, social housing alone can’t fix our housing crisis. We need to see reforms to the tax system, improved assistance for people in the private rental market, and initiatives to make home ownership more achievable, as well as investment to provide more low cost rental properties.

– Sarah Toohey
Campaign Manager

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