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Sep 15, 2011

Housing the biggest cost of living pressure facing Australians

Australians for Affordable Housing (AAH) was launched today at Parliament House to challenge Australian governments to address housing affordability – the single biggest cost of living issue facing Australians.

Australians for Affordable Housing’s analysis: Australia’s broken housing system released today reveals the dire state of the Australian housing market for those trying to secure affordable housing.

Housing costs are both the biggest item in household budgets and the fastest increasing cost – having increased 55 per cent over the last six years.

AAH spokesperson, Sarah Toohey said that across Australia it is becoming harder and harder to secure affordable housing.

“In the last ten years house prices have risen by 147 per cent while incomes have risen by only 57 per cent and in the last five years rents have risen at twice the rate of inflation,” said Ms Toohey.

“Households are paying more than they can afford for housing, with over 740,000 renters and more than 380,000 mortgaged home owners reporting significant financial stress.

“Despite significant investment in recent years, there is less public and community housing properties now than there was in 2003.

“Housing stress affects renters, first time buyers and home-owners. The Australian housing system is failing too many people and successive government policy settings have contributed to this failure. We need strong leadership from the Federal Government to drive the necessary changes at the federal, state and local government levels. It’s time for a new approach, to develop a concrete plan to fix the housing crisis,” said Ms Toohey.

  • great to see some traction on affordable housing 55% increase in 6 years is killing our community cohesion, let alone our ability to live with pride. Stop the land speculation now!

  • Shaey

    I have a physical disability, Qld Housing blackmailed me into taking a 2 bedroom wheelchair apartment and threatened me that if I didn’t take it, that i would go back to bottom of list, which was at that time approx 10 yrs. They left my spouse and kids behind, and stated that because I had not given birth to some of the children, that they were not mine. They refuse to acknowledge our relationship as a family. I only took the property because i needed somewhere accessible and safe, but I thought that I could then get transferred to a house so my family could all be together. They base our family income on my partner not being eligible, even though she has to work to afford the private rental she is in at the moment. She has even offered to sign a stat dec stating she will give up work to care for me once she is housed, but they wouldn’t accept it. It has cost us over $100,000 extra to run two households, and that is not counting all of the medical equipment, supplies and continence aids we have had to purchase, I am only on the pension. The children have all been denied one of their parents, and are still traumatised by our situation. Our youngest just wants her mum to be at home with her, she is only 8. How can this happen in this day and age? We just want to be together as a family again. The real reason they are discriminating – We are GAY. They told me that I hadn’t given birth to some of the children in my family so they were not mine, and they couldn’t come with. They determined eligibility on income, which is fine if there is another housing option but in our case there isn’t. There are no wheelchair modified houses to rent in the market. They broke my children’s hearts. They almost destroyed us. If the giving birth to children is what they really think, then fathers aren’t parents, adoptive and foster parents are not parents, because they did not give birth either, but you don’t see them being forced to leave their families. Its disability and homophobic discrimination at its best.


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